Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Swim trunks and packing for our trip...........

So I have almost finished packing for our trip to disney.(yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh) I was looking up the weather to try and figure out what kind of clothes to bring for the kids. I started going through Isaacs clothes and realized that this kids owns 10 pairs of swimtrunks!!!! Oh that is right one for everyday of the week and then some in case of brownie marks. Isaac has NEVER worn undies in his whole potty trained life(which is almost two years). He went along time just free balling it???(I have no idea how to spell that), then we would make him were boxers to church(worried about what others might start saying). But no more, we just wear swimtrunks everyday(there must be some kind of comfort in the mesh lining-not so sure about that one). So Isaacs everyday attire consists of swimtrunks-some kind of shirt that NEVER matches. I do make him wear long sleeves and long pants over them- but dont you freight, he will walk in your front door and strip down to the swimtrunks. I swear this kids never gets cold!!! Anyways Isaac was the easiest to pack for and I am sure will be the least maintence(for the rest of his life I am pretty sure).

New Teeth

Gregs mom snapped this cute pics of kinzer. She has 4 teeth and counting. The best part about this girl teething is that you would have no idea. She has had a runny nose, but never fussy. All you have to do is look at her and she gives you and ear to ear grin. Pure JOY!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The things that make us laugh

So, this is what happens when you stay at home to much. You start videoing ALOT. I just happend to catch this awesome video of Isaac making BABY K laughing. Now this is an everyday event, but I have never heard her go this long. The best part was he was saying NO GUM and she would just die laughing. Oh the simply things!!!!! LOVE IT!!!