Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So we just got back from an awesome trip with the fam hitting St Louis and ending up in Kentucky for a wedding. We had a wonderful trip, we started out hitting St Louis with mom and dad in the RV about 9pm on wed evening. Needless to say you couldn,t see much of the RV park, so the sunlight unvailed a beautiful cement parking lot some would call an RV park. Kids kept asking where the grass was and why we couldnt have any fires???? Not to mention they pack you in like sardines, when we arrived and started pushing out the sides greg yelled to my dad WHOA or you will hit the neighbors. I guess that is how you do it in Missouri?? The next day the guy at the rv park told us it was about a twenty minute bike ride to the zoo, sounds reasonable right with three children. Wrong it took over an hour and the kids barely made it back without falling asleep........................this is what we saw. Needless to say greg had to carry isaac for a little while b/c he was riding a bike. Anyway we got back to the cement pad that had a nice pool and cooled off. The next day we hit the arch which was a huge hit for the fam, then headed on down to Kentucky for a family wedding. The wedding was awesome, I just love watching people get married it makes me love my husband even more:) The kids did awesome as we did lots of practicing sitting and being quiet. My parents were and awesome help and even got our awesome hotel room in Kentucky. Well my build in babysitters arrive tommorow and I can hardly wait. Date night at the lybecks for two weeks staight..............YEE HAH!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

My sweet little boy......

So this sunday greg and I decided it was time for Isaac to start listening and sitting through church. He has been a handful when we go out to eat and at any other place (when it includes sitting and listening for an extended period of time). So we were more than 10 minutes into the sermon and the paster asked a question, not intending for someone to answer and of course it was my son who yelled out NO!!!!!!!!!!!!(i dont remember the question, but yes I was listening). Greg was getting ready to get up and take him out when everyone started dying laughing, and I instantly got hot all over. I also didnt hear the pastor say that LITTLE GIRL is right. Come on he has the deepest voice I have ever heard come from a little boy. All in all he did do a pretty good job and we are ready for next week, but think we will take something that he can stick in his mouth for a long time.

On saturday I worked all day and greg was in charge of the kids(which I must say he normally always does a great job, probably better than me:)) So his day started of with finding baby K in the toilet, not just playing the toilet(which she does a lot) HER WHOLESELF in the toilet. When greg told me about that we both thought for a minute and are positive we caught Isaac doing this when he was much older than her. Anyways I got home we just put the kids down for bed and went downstairs to watch a movie. I went to move a blanket of the couch and it was stuck....................WITH WOOD GLUE TO THE LEATHER COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We both just looked at each other and new exactly who had done it. So when Isaac awoke the next morning we asked him about the situation with the couch, and he of course explained exactly what we thought. He was squeezing it and it started coming out on the couch, so he grabbed the blanket to try and get it of...........forgot to come tell us and it got stuck to the couch. I think he learned a good lesson this day.

On Friday we were at the pool with a bunch of friends. We never put the rope up anymore at my parents, because the kid know how to swim very well now and want to swim from the deep end to the shallow end. Anyways the kids are playing and the moms and I are sitting there talking, when I dont hear Isaac saying in a very calm voice"Mom that kids is drowning". So he of course yells at the top of his lungs"MOM THAT KIDS IS DROWNING", and sure enough a kids Isaacs age was going for a toy and didnt see the down slope into the deep end and was struggling. The mom just looked in panic and my friend jumped in and grabbed him. This could have been a terrible situation and thanks the Lord he was watching over us this day, but I was so proud of my Isaac:) When I asked him about it later he very simply tells me"Mom the kids was going for the boat and then he was drowning." I love this kid!!!!!!!