Friday, October 31, 2008

Preschool Halloween Fun

Can you actually believe that he sit and listens for 3 whole hours!! Got a love that. Way to go Isaac!

Isaac has decide to be batman this year. He loves this costume even though it is about 2 sizes to small. We are pretty sure this is Isaacs favorite holiday of the year(because there is only one thing he loves more than candy and that is blankie!!!!!) So Baby K, Wade,(my nephew) all went to Isaacs preschool party today. The teacher said that Isaac was the fastest one to get undressed and get his costume on(hard to believe huh!!)

So I bought McKinzies halloween outfit when she was first born and very petite. It is a 3 month and I could barely get the hat on and felt terrible when I took it of it left marks on her head, BUT SHE LOOKED ADORABLE.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Boys and their toys

Okay so this is chloes new 4 wheeler. I love love it and greg has fixed it so it is up and running good now. This bike pictures was how we were planning on getting around when we could no longer afford gas, but thank the lord the prices are dropping. You cant see it in this pic, but baby k is being pulled behind Isaacs bike in the bike burley and chloe and I have a tag along bike like the boys. Who new you could take a family bike ride with 3 kids six years old and younger(even when no one knows how to ride their bikes.) This other picture is of the kids loved powerwheels. They cant get enough, it is a little lazy but we are always glad when the battery dies and they have to start running around for exercize.

Sweet Sweet McKinzie

I work very hard to maintain these thunder thighs, thanks you very much!!

What are they doing to me???

And that is a wrap folks!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

She finally did it........

Okay so she didnt actually cry when she got them done, but do you remember when you got your ears pierced and they had that burning sensation later. This is what she is whining about. So the story is we took chloe at age 4 when she said she wanted to get them done and she pulled when the lady shot the earring in and it of course hurt and she didnt want to do the other one.(2 years later) Okay so we take baby k 3 weeks ago and got hers done she barely cried and for some reason last night chloe wanted to get her other ear pierced. So long story short she got the other one pierced didnt cry a bit but wimpered when they poked the other one through. You go chloe!! I am so proud of you!!(and she looks just beautiful with her ears pierced) They arent the best pictures but you get the picture.

I finally got some new pics

My kids standing so patiently for pictures!!

Dad and Chloe Chloe and Mom

Is that a pagent girl....... no that is what chloes hair looks like brushed and curled amazing!! That is Charity helping out with baby k during the wedding. This is Isaac just being Isaac with blankie!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weddings in Minnesota

So we just got back sunday from a weekend trip to Minnesota for a wedding. The wedding and location(Stillwater,Minnesota) were absolutely breathtaking. We took the kids and the did very well for the most part. Our kids love hotels and think they are so much fun, but we always end up having to split them up to sleep b/c my little friend Isaac just cant stop. Mc Kinzie did great as well, they had a crib ordered to the room and she slept all night. We were also thankful for the fun times we got to spend with family. Still waiting to get my pictures downloaded. Soon new pics will be coming.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh my I cant believe that I forgot..........

6. I love to admit that I love reality tv.
7. I hate to admit that my daughter got a 4 wheeler for her birthday and I am riding it more that she is and I just love it.

5 things I hate to admit....sometimes

Okay so here it goes.......

1. I hate to brush my teeth, like I will let it go till there is fuzz growing on them. Then I figure it might be time to brush. I will say though that I do make my children brush morning and night and maybe this will push me into a better habit.
2. I hate to admit that I may be obsessed with running. I never thought I would ever in my life say this, but I have gotten to the point where I wake up put on my running clothes and wont take a shower till the job is done. THANKS LORA. She made me this way.
3. I love desert and anything chocolate. Sometimes when I am to busy to make lunch for myself, because I am making it for the kids I just have some leftover cookies, cake or whatever is sweet in the house.
4. I love to admit that I hate to clean. I have been getting better, and have been blessed with a husband who likes to help with the cleaning(thanks for that thelma). I love that my children are at the age to help. Now if they could just reach and control the vacuum all I would have to do is sit back watch and eat my bon bons right. B/C this is what ever stay at home mom is doing!!!!!!!!
5. I hate to admit that I love looking on realator .com. I love my house and know that as long as we live here I can stay at home and we are able to do all the extras. But I love to look at other houses and dream of what could be someday. THANKS AGAIN to Lora who has always helped me to be content with where I am at.

Okay so Sara and Jen....... you have been tagged.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Of course he would be naked...........

So I took the kids costume shopping today, sent them in the dressing rooms by themselves(probably not the best idea but they can dress themselves by now) and then I hear Isaac saying "mom please push the cart over hear so I can put my costume in it" . He had already come out in it(ninja turtle very cute) and I of course was a little busy shopping so he runs one aisle over to the shopping cart BUTT NAKED and puts the costume in the shopping cart. I look up when he is at the cart and can do nothing but start dying laughing. The lady next to me was in shock. Cant say I blame her since the kid never does wear any underwear and if he does it must be some special occasion(like a wedding). He has been on this weird clothes kick were he loves to wear his pjs but has to throw other clothes on top of them to go out. Even two minutes to pick up chloe and he doesnt even get out of the car. Chloe and I are constantly dying laughing at him.

Chloe has been doing great too. She got there mid tri report card and had all S(which you either get satisfactory or needs improvement) and one s- because she writes her 4 backwards. In the extra comments from the teacher she remarked on her strong reading skills. This girl has always been the one who would almost always rather pick a book then a toy. Which I would much rather read than play barbies. Keep up the good work lola!!!

McKinzie has just fit right into the family really well. We all love her to death and cant get enough of her. She takes three naps a day and her schedule can very easily be adjusted to whatever we are doing with the bigger kids. She is a great sleeper and is gaining weight daily( I think this might be from the rice cereal greg is giving her)

Of course I am still having troubles downloading pics, but will keep on trying till I can get it fixed.