Monday, October 20, 2008

Weddings in Minnesota

So we just got back sunday from a weekend trip to Minnesota for a wedding. The wedding and location(Stillwater,Minnesota) were absolutely breathtaking. We took the kids and the did very well for the most part. Our kids love hotels and think they are so much fun, but we always end up having to split them up to sleep b/c my little friend Isaac just cant stop. Mc Kinzie did great as well, they had a crib ordered to the room and she slept all night. We were also thankful for the fun times we got to spend with family. Still waiting to get my pictures downloaded. Soon new pics will be coming.

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Jen said...

We try to keep the kids together too, but I freak that Lars will roll right out. It is a little bit like punishment for me- having to wait the kids out to go to sleep.