Friday, October 17, 2008

5 things I hate to admit....sometimes

Okay so here it goes.......

1. I hate to brush my teeth, like I will let it go till there is fuzz growing on them. Then I figure it might be time to brush. I will say though that I do make my children brush morning and night and maybe this will push me into a better habit.
2. I hate to admit that I may be obsessed with running. I never thought I would ever in my life say this, but I have gotten to the point where I wake up put on my running clothes and wont take a shower till the job is done. THANKS LORA. She made me this way.
3. I love desert and anything chocolate. Sometimes when I am to busy to make lunch for myself, because I am making it for the kids I just have some leftover cookies, cake or whatever is sweet in the house.
4. I love to admit that I hate to clean. I have been getting better, and have been blessed with a husband who likes to help with the cleaning(thanks for that thelma). I love that my children are at the age to help. Now if they could just reach and control the vacuum all I would have to do is sit back watch and eat my bon bons right. B/C this is what ever stay at home mom is doing!!!!!!!!
5. I hate to admit that I love looking on realator .com. I love my house and know that as long as we live here I can stay at home and we are able to do all the extras. But I love to look at other houses and dream of what could be someday. THANKS AGAIN to Lora who has always helped me to be content with where I am at.

Okay so Sara and Jen....... you have been tagged.

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Jen said...

Great idea...I will put on my thinking cap.