Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back to reality:(

Well we are getting ready to head home tomorrow and not looking forward to it at all!!! We left last Friday and overall our PLANE RIDES(3) went fairly well. I can not believe the amount of people that stare at us walking through the airports, we must be quite a site:) We only had a few minor problems Kinnie started undressing in one airport(she can't stand to be wet so if anything drips or spills on her she has to change right away), Chloe and Isaac did really well and fought over who could sit by the window, Hudson LOVED take off and landing the feel and noises made him laugh, then we made it just outside the doors of the airport and Kinnie puked. Great timing is all I can say. We left our house @ 6am and didn't arrive in Florida till 7pm. We have done so many great things, but cant believe all the dolphins we saw. The kids even saw a manatee on one of there fishing outings. One day Grammie and mom baby sat so Greg and I could go kayaking with my dad it was amazing!!! I started out okay, but then heard a dolphin that was so close to my kayak I almost wet my pants and got totally turned around, Greg had to come help m:). We rode our bikes daily and only had one accident when Isaac's bike pedal feel of in the middle of a busy intersection. All was well until he pulled over right into a red ants nest:( We played baseball everyday and the kids can't wait till summer ball starts. We are so thankful for mom and dad having us at the home and are so ready to come back next year. Grammie was such a big help with the kids and baby Hud could not get enough of her, she really liked feeding him(he really likes to be the center of attention). Well we wish us luck and pray for all those who have to sit next to us on the airplane tomorrow!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

We are back..........

Well we cancelled our internet service in June and just got it back about a month ago. It is so nice to be back, but it was actually nice to have a break from it too!!!! Wow has so much happened since I last blogged,

Chloe is in 2 grade @Heritage and doing great
Isaac is in kindergarten @Heritage and lets just say he is adjusting to school
Kinzie is wild as ever and is potty training her self(must be a 3rd child thing)
Hudson is such a sweet baby, not walking yet(must be a 4th child thing)
Greg and I are keeping very busy with all the activities and things that all the children are in. We are starting to plan a get away for our 10 year anniversary!!! We told the kids that Chloe would be in charge while we were gone,lol!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Well the cousins have come and gone and my kids are so sad!! We had such a great time and love it when they come. I had a very nice and needed break from the kids with all there help. They also have got me hooked on the twilight series!! love it!! We kept them busy with tubing, camping, swimming, and lots of playing with the kids. I really hope they don't think they are to old next year. We did have one injury which you can expect with teenagers acting silly. ALL IN ALL A GREAT TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!! Back to realty and trying to get in the groove of life:( pics thanks to my uncle!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I am absolutely loving having all the kids around. My life is so much easier when they are all around, there are more kids to play with and more hands to help out with the workload. Chloe really misses school and Isaac would be happy to stay home everyday!!!! He just lost his FIRST tooth today and he was so good. He was outside playing with the neighbor kids and ran in and said "here mom can you pull this out?" Pulled it out and he ran back out to play. Love the laid back attitude of boys!!

Our summer has sure been buys already. We have been on 3 camping trips so far- which have been really fun. Greg and I are still extreme rookies and have yet to remember everything, hoping we will get there soon!! One of the camping trips included a canoe ride with the whole fam(minus hud since we thought it was a little to dangerous) and we didn't even tip!! BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT!

Our next trip was to the Wis. Dells with Greg's family for 5 days. Water Water Water, and the kids could not get enough of it. We stayed at the great wolf lodge and it was so nice. The kids had a great time hanging out with cousin Wade, and really wanted to take him home with us. Greg's parents even blessed us with a very peaceful car ride there and back. We only had hud and were able to talk and read with no interruptions!! So nice and so needed!!!

Now my girls are coming this week on Thursday and I am so excited. My cousins who are 13-15 have been coming for the past couple of years and staying for two weeks in the summer. Built in babysitters, who could ask for more. More to come!!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

4 really is a good number

So I have had quit a few run ins lately with people that just cannot believe the amount of children that we have. First was when I took all four kid to subway for lunch, this man literally starred at us for 15 minutes then finally came over and asked if these were all my children!!! REALLY Then the other time was when Greg and I were on a weekend away. This lady asked how many children when we told her she said, oh you brought two to the marriage and he brought two to the marriage!!! REALLY The other bad run in was at walmart. Some sweet old lady thought I was not watching my children appropriately(pretty sure this lady never had kids or been around them), because my kids were actually being angels in the store this day. She was backing her car out and thought she got a little to close to them, I just let her know otherwise!@!!! REALLY. Well Hudson is now 6 months and I really feel like I have the hang of it, not to mention Greg who takes them all to the ball games, grocery shopping, chairs, whatever he needs to do while I am working. I honestly didn't think 4 was a lot, now the duggars that is a lot. I actually think it is easier to manage when all the kids are here rather than just 2. I love love my kids to death and can't imagine life any other way!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wow has it really been that long.....

Well I can't believe how long since my last post. So much has changed around here and for the better. Hudson is sleeping through the night..... yeah we are so excited. He has also started to drink a whole bottle at one feeding. We are so excited we think he may be kicking the problem!!!! He is the easiest most predictable baby. He can only stay awake for about an hour, then is ready for another nap. Needless to say we don't go to many places and are glad for the backyard entertainment.

Kinzie, well were do I even start. Since it is getting warmer outside she is REALLY struggling to stay dressed. She always wants to be outside, and has figured out how to open up the doors. Might be time for some locks on the tops of the doors:) She is absolutely hilarious, I find myself dying at her all the time. She adores her brothers and sisters. She really has a hard time keeping her hands of hud and love to talk baby to him(wondering if she gets this from me???) She is sleeping in a big girl bed now and wow I didn't know it was possible for her to sleep any longer. She goes to bed at 7(that's right she got moved up from 6:30) I have to wake her to take the kids to school at 8:15. The one morning the kids didn't have school she slept till 9!!! She take a 3-4 hour nap and I am usually waking her to pick them up from school at 3:15. She has gotten out of her big bed once, but never again!!! Love that girl!!

Isaac and Chloe have just started softball and t ball. Chloe loves it and will cry if it is cancelled due to weather. Isaac well he is just there and we will see how the season goes. They are constantly helping out with there brother and sister. Can't wait for the days when we can leave Chloe home to babysit!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Vacation to Florida-survived our flight home!!!!

Well we made it back and the airplane rides home were much easier than on the way down there. We finally got a good system down(greg would man the bags-I would man the children and then we would get situated once we got to our seats). Al tough when we finally did get to our seats on the first airplane, the lady next to me started to hyperventilate and take her jacket off, saying she could not sit next to kids again. Needless to say we all switched seats and it worked out. The kids did great, when we finally walked in our door we sat down and were so overwhelmed we didn't even know where to start. 2 CUPS OF COFFEE later we were cooking and getting some work done. Luckily they lost one of our bags and it didn't arrive till two days later, which made less work for me!!! We had the most relaxing vacation, which was much to our surprise. With four kids there just isn't a whole lot of relaxation-which is fine!! My parents were awesome to us and we so appreciate all they did for us. The kids spent most of their time in the pool-kinzie did a great job setting of the alarm!! She could not stay away from the pool-loved it and LOVED THE ALARM she wore all the time to let us know when she fell in. We also rode our bikes almost everyday at least six miles a day. Chloe is a fantastic bike rider and we were really impressed by how far she can ride. Isaac learned to ride a two wheel bike down there and has since taken off here. Which helps me out a ton b/c now greg can take hud in the pull behind and I only have to take kinzie in the bike seat!! My dad gave me tons more pics- so I will post more later when I get the chance!!!