Friday, November 21, 2008

They call me lola.......................

So I have to just brag on chloe for a minute. We had her conferences with her teacher thursday morning and were very curious what the teacher was going to say. Last year at chloes conference the teacher told us how much of a leader she is, how she like to tell everyone what to do,and how mature she is for her age.(greg and I just looked at each other and started to laugh b/c that is exactally how you would describe my mother). It isnt a bad thing just absolutely hillarious to hear it for someone else. So anyways we havent had any calls or emails this year from the teacher so thought this was very bad or very good. Well it turned out to be great news. Chloes reading skills are at that of a second grader,(which we knew the girl never can put a book down, loves to read), and that she is very well behaved. Oh man you have to be kidding, that must mean that I am getting the worst of her than. She has a lot of attitude and sas and has to be checked very often. All in all very good as long as we keep it going in the right direction. I love you lola, and keep up the great work.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If you do not have a Wii, you need one.

So greg and Isaac went to his home town(Dixon, Illinois) for a football game this weekend and it was just the girls. We both had a great time spending one on one time with the kids. The footbal game that greg and Isaac went to was outside and 2 hours long and I was a little worried about Isaac getting bored or being cold. Being cold is never a problem for Isaac, if fact when we went to get chloe from school today the child had no shoes on, but managed to find a jacket in the car. When asked where they are or why he isnt wearing any he says"Oh mom I am not cold". Dumb question, are you ever cold kid. I got the look from all the other moms picking there kids up from"oh my word she didnt put shoes on that child". It is okay with me, my skin is really tough and I figure he is at the point that if he does get cold enough he will remember the next time to wear shoes. Anyways Chloe and I woke up after spending the night together(huge treat for our kids they are never aloud to sleep with us) and decided to do some yoga on the Wii fit. She is just hillarious to watch and asks to do it with me everyday. This morning I was running on the treadmill and the kids were running 2 manner on the wii. I just love the family time you can spend on this game. I absolutely HATE VIDEO GAMES, and this is so much more. Put it on your christmas list you will not be diappointed. I am actually sore from 20 min workout and can tell it is working. It also tells your bmi and will keep you on a workout schedule. LOVE IT!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

A lesson learned????

So do you ever feel like everything you do goes unnoticed or unappreciated?? I had just one of those days with chloe yesterday. After school always tends to be a hard time in general, so we have starting going to the rec center to exercise and then to the library. It helps pass the time till greg gets home and then gives us a chance to talk uninterrupted. Well a major early bedtime was in order last night(due to behaviors and the fact that I am a bedtime natzi). Anyways the last straw was when I brought chloe her water and she looked at me and said "there isnt enough ice in it". Maybe I was just tired or the combination of things, but lets just say I took the sippie cup and chucked across the room(way to control my temper I know I know). So I decided that she can do everything herself for one whole day and see if this will help her to appreciate all the things I do for her more. I am not sure if this was harder on me or her this morning, but she sat there and didnt eat breakfast b/c we were having eggs and she didnt know how to make them. Now dont think I am a terrible mother she could have made cereal or toast but she chose not to. She did make her own lunch, picked out her own clothes(which looked terrible), and had to find all her own belongings for school. I cant wait to see if this has an impact, but I am having a hard time already and it is only 9am.

Also I must have had major problems with my other blog post. Very sorry!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What the lybecks are busy doing........

present forSo gregs birthday was on election day and my mom, gregs mom and I all went in and got him a Wii. Let me just say that this is in no way just a greg. The whole family loves it and I think it will be a great winter activity. These are a few pics of Isaac playing it(I think chloe was in bed already). There is also a pic of the new haircut that Isaac thought he would give himself. He came and told me after he did it and said "mom didn't I do a good job", sure nothing we cant fix with a good buz.

My kids have had this routine in the morning for awhile now and I am absolutley loving it. Chloe will get kinzie out of bed when she wakes up, changes her diaper, then they all play or read books till I either wake up or call them for breakfast. It ROCKS!! There is only one problem, when you wake up at 8:15 and your daughter has to be at school by 8:25. Good thing she has been sleeping in the clothes she is going to wear the next day. We made it just in the nic of time. Lola is such a great helper, looking forward to the school breaks coming up .

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Big Thanks Luke!!!!!

A big thanks to our very good friend luke!! He took this awesome picture of McKinzie and we just love it. She is such a joy to our family. She wakes up happy everytime and just loves to giggle. Yesterday Isaac, McKinzie and I were all playing downstairs and I ran upstairs to get something then something caught my ear. It was McKinzie just rolling in laughter over Isaac(glad he wasnt making her cry). I also caught him trying to feed her some cheetos, yikes I am so glad we got to have that talk about were she gets her milk from and that she can not have any REAL food for a long time.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween a little late......

I know she will ask for these pics for her wedding......

Okay so I dont take the best pictures that is obvious!!!! But all I can say is she is getting chunky and we love it. She looks in pain face down but she really was laughing. Speaking of chunky today started a new routine after school for lola. We are trying to instill some good exercise routines without making a BIG DEAL about it. So after school everyday we have our GOOD CHOICE SNACK and then hit the streets or rec center for a good old calorie burn. Today went pretty well there was the occasional"my legs are itchy" which actually just means "I WANT TO BE DONE". But all in all she did very well and I am proud of her for giving a go at it. Just in case you all were wondering Isaac thought he was hot so he wore shorts and a t shirt. When I told him he needs to at the least were a sweatshirt he said that he has been hot all day. Excuse me!!!!! So I thought this would be a great way to learn a lesson. We got about half way and home and I asked if he wanted his sweatshirt, of course I do mom I am freezing. Tough love is rough sometimes. Gotta love it!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I take no credit.....

So a big shout out to my awesome neighbor Missy. She has helped me bring my blog up to speed. I finally feel good pulling it up, everyone elses looks so nice. Thanks again neighbors for the wonderful supper and evening learning the wii.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a good big brother

So yesterday I decided to take Isaac and baby k running(hence the beautiful weather). I usually run outside with baby K while Isaac is at preschool so I have never done it with Isaac and baby k (not in her carseat). Well she was not a happy camper(not like her) so about a mile into my run I just picked her up and was going to just give in and walk the rest of the way home with her. That did not last long as my arm was growing extremely tired and it was getting very hard to push the stroller and jostler her. So I told Isaac to spread his legs and hold her the rest of the way home for me. What a brillant i thought. When I started running again it got unsually quiet, so I asked Isaac how he got baby k to stop crying and he said it is okay mom I am just feeding her(its funning how all men think the answer to a crying baby is always to just feed her. greg and isaac are together on this subject) Isaac was letting her suck on his finger(she is not a binky girl) thank goodness I had cut his fingernails the day before because there was stuff growing underneath them. His hand are always black, have no idea where they have been or maybe dont even want to know. Well I dont think she will need a flu shot this year she has built up enough immunity of that t last a lifetime. Oh the poor third child!!! Snaps to Isaac for being a big brother and helping me out so I could finish my run.

These are a few of my favorite things

So greg and I always have joked we knew when our babys were really sleeping because they were HANDS OVER THE HEAD OUT!!! I love the pics of chloes hair blowing in the wind(oh yeah modeling in her sleep). and yes I love looking at my children sleeping.