Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a good big brother

So yesterday I decided to take Isaac and baby k running(hence the beautiful weather). I usually run outside with baby K while Isaac is at preschool so I have never done it with Isaac and baby k (not in her carseat). Well she was not a happy camper(not like her) so about a mile into my run I just picked her up and was going to just give in and walk the rest of the way home with her. That did not last long as my arm was growing extremely tired and it was getting very hard to push the stroller and jostler her. So I told Isaac to spread his legs and hold her the rest of the way home for me. What a brillant i thought. When I started running again it got unsually quiet, so I asked Isaac how he got baby k to stop crying and he said it is okay mom I am just feeding her(its funning how all men think the answer to a crying baby is always to just feed her. greg and isaac are together on this subject) Isaac was letting her suck on his finger(she is not a binky girl) thank goodness I had cut his fingernails the day before because there was stuff growing underneath them. His hand are always black, have no idea where they have been or maybe dont even want to know. Well I dont think she will need a flu shot this year she has built up enough immunity of that t last a lifetime. Oh the poor third child!!! Snaps to Isaac for being a big brother and helping me out so I could finish my run.


Hautt Stuff said...

That is hilarious! Isaac is such a character at times. Sometimes I don't know how you do it Mindy!

saras said...

I'm dying laughing! That is hilarious. Conley would have freaked out and kicked her out of the stroller, way to go Isaac!!! I would never guess by looking a K that she is fed when fussy, haha!!