Friday, November 14, 2008

A lesson learned????

So do you ever feel like everything you do goes unnoticed or unappreciated?? I had just one of those days with chloe yesterday. After school always tends to be a hard time in general, so we have starting going to the rec center to exercise and then to the library. It helps pass the time till greg gets home and then gives us a chance to talk uninterrupted. Well a major early bedtime was in order last night(due to behaviors and the fact that I am a bedtime natzi). Anyways the last straw was when I brought chloe her water and she looked at me and said "there isnt enough ice in it". Maybe I was just tired or the combination of things, but lets just say I took the sippie cup and chucked across the room(way to control my temper I know I know). So I decided that she can do everything herself for one whole day and see if this will help her to appreciate all the things I do for her more. I am not sure if this was harder on me or her this morning, but she sat there and didnt eat breakfast b/c we were having eggs and she didnt know how to make them. Now dont think I am a terrible mother she could have made cereal or toast but she chose not to. She did make her own lunch, picked out her own clothes(which looked terrible), and had to find all her own belongings for school. I cant wait to see if this has an impact, but I am having a hard time already and it is only 9am.

Also I must have had major problems with my other blog post. Very sorry!!!!


saras said...

I can't wait to hear Chloe's feedback on her day. I can't believe she didn't eat breakfast, too funny! I love the rec center idea, that is awesome!

Jen said...

You are a super blogger! I love tuff love. I will remember this one, as I am sure Miss Ella will need this treatment someday.