Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If you do not have a Wii, you need one.

So greg and Isaac went to his home town(Dixon, Illinois) for a football game this weekend and it was just the girls. We both had a great time spending one on one time with the kids. The footbal game that greg and Isaac went to was outside and 2 hours long and I was a little worried about Isaac getting bored or being cold. Being cold is never a problem for Isaac, if fact when we went to get chloe from school today the child had no shoes on, but managed to find a jacket in the car. When asked where they are or why he isnt wearing any he says"Oh mom I am not cold". Dumb question, are you ever cold kid. I got the look from all the other moms picking there kids up from"oh my word she didnt put shoes on that child". It is okay with me, my skin is really tough and I figure he is at the point that if he does get cold enough he will remember the next time to wear shoes. Anyways Chloe and I woke up after spending the night together(huge treat for our kids they are never aloud to sleep with us) and decided to do some yoga on the Wii fit. She is just hillarious to watch and asks to do it with me everyday. This morning I was running on the treadmill and the kids were running 2 manner on the wii. I just love the family time you can spend on this game. I absolutely HATE VIDEO GAMES, and this is so much more. Put it on your christmas list you will not be diappointed. I am actually sore from 20 min workout and can tell it is working. It also tells your bmi and will keep you on a workout schedule. LOVE IT!!!!!


saras said...

Okay, everyone knows how much I love working out (yeah right), but maybe my cure is the Wii. I vowed to make friends with my eliptical this winter, have yet to see it, haha.

The Isbells said...

The Wii does rock!! When are we going to see the video of you hula-hoopin' at our place?? :P

Jill Kapfer said...

I have a wii...I love it. I do not yet have wii fit, but have heard great things about it. Probably a good option for me b/c I hate working out! Actually...come to think of it, I never work out so anything would be good for me!