Monday, November 10, 2008

I know she will ask for these pics for her wedding......

Okay so I dont take the best pictures that is obvious!!!! But all I can say is she is getting chunky and we love it. She looks in pain face down but she really was laughing. Speaking of chunky today started a new routine after school for lola. We are trying to instill some good exercise routines without making a BIG DEAL about it. So after school everyday we have our GOOD CHOICE SNACK and then hit the streets or rec center for a good old calorie burn. Today went pretty well there was the occasional"my legs are itchy" which actually just means "I WANT TO BE DONE". But all in all she did very well and I am proud of her for giving a go at it. Just in case you all were wondering Isaac thought he was hot so he wore shorts and a t shirt. When I told him he needs to at the least were a sweatshirt he said that he has been hot all day. Excuse me!!!!! So I thought this would be a great way to learn a lesson. We got about half way and home and I asked if he wanted his sweatshirt, of course I do mom I am freezing. Tough love is rough sometimes. Gotta love it!!!!!


Andrea G. said...

Wow she looks like her daddy! That is so great to start exercising habits early and make them routine! Laurie Schillinger ALWAYS went for a walk with the kids after breakfast and after daddy left even when it got cooler to teach them exercise habits.

Jen said...

I loooove chubby legs. My kids never had them.

Her expression is always so cute. I really like the one top left.

I finally have broken Lars from his stroller dependency. When we go for walks he walks the whole way. we had to work on it over time thought.