Sunday, June 20, 2010


I am absolutely loving having all the kids around. My life is so much easier when they are all around, there are more kids to play with and more hands to help out with the workload. Chloe really misses school and Isaac would be happy to stay home everyday!!!! He just lost his FIRST tooth today and he was so good. He was outside playing with the neighbor kids and ran in and said "here mom can you pull this out?" Pulled it out and he ran back out to play. Love the laid back attitude of boys!!

Our summer has sure been buys already. We have been on 3 camping trips so far- which have been really fun. Greg and I are still extreme rookies and have yet to remember everything, hoping we will get there soon!! One of the camping trips included a canoe ride with the whole fam(minus hud since we thought it was a little to dangerous) and we didn't even tip!! BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT!

Our next trip was to the Wis. Dells with Greg's family for 5 days. Water Water Water, and the kids could not get enough of it. We stayed at the great wolf lodge and it was so nice. The kids had a great time hanging out with cousin Wade, and really wanted to take him home with us. Greg's parents even blessed us with a very peaceful car ride there and back. We only had hud and were able to talk and read with no interruptions!! So nice and so needed!!!

Now my girls are coming this week on Thursday and I am so excited. My cousins who are 13-15 have been coming for the past couple of years and staying for two weeks in the summer. Built in babysitters, who could ask for more. More to come!!!!!