Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Going to the doctor-my new pastime

So going to the doctor seems to be a new pastime favorite at this house. Between greg and hudson and mckinzie we have almost used all of our flex spending for the year and it is not even February. Frustrated it a great word to describe how we feel when we leave the doctors office with no answers, but they always say"just keep trying". WHAT??? Hudson's very difficult to feed and will not eat very much at one sitting- which we thought would get better once he started the new medicine. I just keep trying to remind myself that this baby stage is so short in the long run and soak up every minute since he is the last. The Lord always knows what we can handle, because if this was our first I am not sure I would have all the rest of my blessings:) Poor Greg is going in for another cortizone shot on monday and we are hoping this will solve his problems, because they are talking about back surgery after this.

In other new Kinze went for her 18 month visit to day and is of the charts for height and weight-big suprise as we already know that we grow our lybeck girls big. Greg is hoping for some basketball starts:) The doctor commented on how well she sat and let her do everything she needed to do and how she only sniffled when she got three shots. Hard to believe, because if you are around her for more than two seconds you could see how much of a tornado she is. She has got to get some attention some how around here. Kinzie and Isaac make us laugh so much, and I almost fell over when Isaac came home from school today and asked to play with kinzie instead of the wii. He is such a great big brother. Well off to bed now...........................

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Answers and waiting

So my sweet friend got Hudson into the ent department this week right away, b/c we were having a lot of problems getting him to eat. They diagnosed Hudson with Laryngomalacia which basically means there cartilage in the throat is not fully developed and causes him to have acid reflux. He did a great job having the scope ran down his nose and he is on Prevacid. The medicine has seemed to be helping and we go back in a month to check up on it. 90 percent of kids grow out of this and 10 percent need surgery to fix it, we are hoping and praying to be in that 90. He has been smiling a ton lately and sleeping lots:)
Greg had a cortisone shot in his back this week and seems to be doing a little better. He is still taking pain meds, but think we might be on the up hill. He was able to help out more around the house this week and even "supervised" the kids sledding:) Love having my husband back to a little bit more normal.
Isaac's birthday is on Tuesday and I can not believe that my son is going to be 5. All he wanted was to have a friend over and go to MC Donald's for dinner. Love the simplicity of boys. He has such a sweet and caring heart. We found him pushing dolly strollers around with kinzy this week and it just melted my heart.
Kinzie has been her usually destroyer. You have to remember to keep the bathroom door shut OR YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!
Chloe and Isaac started swimming lessons this week and couldn't be more thrilled. Those kids could just live in the water. We are going to Florida over spring break and they are so excited to be able to swim all the time.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

We are surviving..............barely

Well we have started this new year by trying to hit our deductible right away and by non other than my sweet husband:) He never very rarely ever uses a sick day and most of them are used to help out some sick family member, so this is such a rarity for him to be down and out. I am really missing my partner so much. Greg has ended up with a bulging disk in his back and is in terrible shape. He is having a hard time just walking around the house and sleeping. So the other night I was up feeding Hudson in the chair in our room and he just shoots up out of bed and waves at me!! Maybe it is the medicine or who knows what, but I am so ready for the doctors to fix it so I can have my team mate back. You don't realize how much you rely on someone until they are unable to help you anymore. Chloe has yet again proved to be a huge help, when I leave for work she turns into super helper by putting her brother and sister to bed-picking up the house-getting stuff for her dad-and doing her homework. Poor Isaac was in the bathroom A LOT on Saturday while we were trying to get chairs done with stuff coming out both ends:(, but came around later that afternoon and told me he would take care of dad and rub his back while me and Chloe went and got groceries. He has such a sweet heart, it just melted ours!!! Kinnie just keeps being sweet and hilarious- she is really coming along in her speech and understating things. Now if Hudson could just sleep through the night that would be awesome, but at least there are three out of the six getting a good nights rest at this house. So the Lord never gives us more than we can handle right, well this has got to be a better week than right!!! Thank goodness for sweet little blessings to help get you through the hard times.