Friday, December 18, 2009

Another great Isaac story

So when Greg drops off Isaac off at school he always asks how Isaac has been doing(since we had some trouble in the beginning). Which at his conference a couple of weeks ago he got a great report that he has actually become a leader of the class??? What I have two leaders-we are in trouble(the same report came from Chloe's teacher to-but we already new how much of a leader she is:). ANYHOW, they were talking about how Jesus is sinless and comparing that to other people to get the point across that only Jesus is sinless, and Isaac was adamant that his mom and dad were sinless too!! His teacher reassured him that we to were sinless, but Isaac was not having it. So this morning at breakfast we were talking about it and I reassured him that only MOM was sinless not dad!!ha ha ha Not thinking he would repeat it, but he ran to his teacher this morning saying"my mom IS sinless, but my dad is a sinner. Oh boy we have a lot of work to do. This explains why we don't do Santa, Isaac would be confused forever on what is actually real and what isn't. Now if we can just get him to wipe his own bottom before he turns five, life would be great!!! Love that boy!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

one month already

I can't believe how the time has flown by and how much I am enjoying a newborn. He finally just grew out of newborn diapers, but the newborn clothes are still baggy. We are working on plumping him up. We are only getting up once I night and I am not feeling tired at all during the day. I think I hold him way more than the others and just love watching the kids interact with him. McKinzie has been a rock star, sweet big sister. I should video tape her so people will believe me when I tell them that she kisses him all day long. It is the sweetest thing. Isaac is a huge help when I am on the treadmill, to grab his bink or tend to him if he is crying. He will hold him but not for to long. Chloe is just awesome, words can't describe how helpful she is. She will get mckinzie out of ther bed in the morning, play with her, hold hudson, the list just goes on. Everyone needs a chloe when you get sent home with a newborn. Love that girl!!!!!! We finally got a great shot of hudson. Luke is such a trooper with me, I am so picky about pictures. Thanks Luke!!!!