Thursday, December 10, 2009

one month already

I can't believe how the time has flown by and how much I am enjoying a newborn. He finally just grew out of newborn diapers, but the newborn clothes are still baggy. We are working on plumping him up. We are only getting up once I night and I am not feeling tired at all during the day. I think I hold him way more than the others and just love watching the kids interact with him. McKinzie has been a rock star, sweet big sister. I should video tape her so people will believe me when I tell them that she kisses him all day long. It is the sweetest thing. Isaac is a huge help when I am on the treadmill, to grab his bink or tend to him if he is crying. He will hold him but not for to long. Chloe is just awesome, words can't describe how helpful she is. She will get mckinzie out of ther bed in the morning, play with her, hold hudson, the list just goes on. Everyone needs a chloe when you get sent home with a newborn. Love that girl!!!!!! We finally got a great shot of hudson. Luke is such a trooper with me, I am so picky about pictures. Thanks Luke!!!!


saras said...

Love the pic! Great job Luke!!! I just love watching Kinzie give him kisses, too cute! ENJOY YOUR SNOW DAY!

jamie said...

so sweet! i agree big sister's are the best- abigail is amazing too! I think the span in ages is the BEST! see you this week! :)