Monday, November 30, 2009

Things that ONLY happen when you have mulitple children

So I am pretty sure these things only happen when you have more than one child.
1. McKinzie went to church with the bloomers stilled attached to the side of her dress and the tags still on them!!(greg got her dressed this sunday)and we didnt even notice till latter that afternoon after nap:)
2. You wake up at 9am and you were planning on attending 9am church, but think oh thats okay we will just go to the 11am service only to be 20 minutes late!!!
3. Wake up at 8:15 and the kids are to be at school in 5 minutes, the 2 youngest children are still sleeping, the 2 oldest arent dressed, no lunches packed and they go to school with no breakfast. In my defense, who thinks you will actually sleep till 8 when you have 4 little alarm clocks. Maybe things are changing at my house:)

A big thanks to luke for taking this awesome picture of my loves:)


Jill Kapfer said...

No worries, I have sent Abbie to church with the little bloomers attached to her dress as well. Afterwards, it was so clear as to why it seemed like the dress didn't fit quite right. If Zach puts the kids in new clothes, he won't take the tags off. I've gotten to daycare with tags and stickers still on the clothes.

saras said...

I have a solution for your "sleeping in" problem (which happens too often at your house)...SHAY! Shay's internal alarm clock goes off no later than 6am EVERYDAY! She will be moving into a big-girl bed this weekend so she can get out of it and play for 2 more hours, PLEASE!

I can't wait to see the pics Luke took! Send him my way!!!

That green wordage is bright, wow sister!

Andrea G. said...

That is WONDERFUL that you are getting to sleep in so long and with a newborn and 4 kids! WOW!! The bloomers is hilarious ! :)