Sunday, January 17, 2010

Answers and waiting

So my sweet friend got Hudson into the ent department this week right away, b/c we were having a lot of problems getting him to eat. They diagnosed Hudson with Laryngomalacia which basically means there cartilage in the throat is not fully developed and causes him to have acid reflux. He did a great job having the scope ran down his nose and he is on Prevacid. The medicine has seemed to be helping and we go back in a month to check up on it. 90 percent of kids grow out of this and 10 percent need surgery to fix it, we are hoping and praying to be in that 90. He has been smiling a ton lately and sleeping lots:)
Greg had a cortisone shot in his back this week and seems to be doing a little better. He is still taking pain meds, but think we might be on the up hill. He was able to help out more around the house this week and even "supervised" the kids sledding:) Love having my husband back to a little bit more normal.
Isaac's birthday is on Tuesday and I can not believe that my son is going to be 5. All he wanted was to have a friend over and go to MC Donald's for dinner. Love the simplicity of boys. He has such a sweet and caring heart. We found him pushing dolly strollers around with kinzy this week and it just melted my heart.
Kinzie has been her usually destroyer. You have to remember to keep the bathroom door shut OR YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!
Chloe and Isaac started swimming lessons this week and couldn't be more thrilled. Those kids could just live in the water. We are going to Florida over spring break and they are so excited to be able to swim all the time.


Carrie Sterner said...

Sorry to hear things have been rough. Sounds like you have a solid diagnosis and Hudson can start eating without the difficulties. Hope the remainder of the winter has less hiccups in it. Hope to meet little Hudson some day. More pictures in the mean time? :)

Anonymous said...

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