Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back to reality:(

Well we are getting ready to head home tomorrow and not looking forward to it at all!!! We left last Friday and overall our PLANE RIDES(3) went fairly well. I can not believe the amount of people that stare at us walking through the airports, we must be quite a site:) We only had a few minor problems Kinnie started undressing in one airport(she can't stand to be wet so if anything drips or spills on her she has to change right away), Chloe and Isaac did really well and fought over who could sit by the window, Hudson LOVED take off and landing the feel and noises made him laugh, then we made it just outside the doors of the airport and Kinnie puked. Great timing is all I can say. We left our house @ 6am and didn't arrive in Florida till 7pm. We have done so many great things, but cant believe all the dolphins we saw. The kids even saw a manatee on one of there fishing outings. One day Grammie and mom baby sat so Greg and I could go kayaking with my dad it was amazing!!! I started out okay, but then heard a dolphin that was so close to my kayak I almost wet my pants and got totally turned around, Greg had to come help m:). We rode our bikes daily and only had one accident when Isaac's bike pedal feel of in the middle of a busy intersection. All was well until he pulled over right into a red ants nest:( We played baseball everyday and the kids can't wait till summer ball starts. We are so thankful for mom and dad having us at the home and are so ready to come back next year. Grammie was such a big help with the kids and baby Hud could not get enough of her, she really liked feeding him(he really likes to be the center of attention). Well we wish us luck and pray for all those who have to sit next to us on the airplane tomorrow!!!

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Andrea G. said...

Mindy, you never fail to make me laugh! I had to read the post aloud to Phillip :) I will pray for those you are sitting by tomorrow and no puking :) Sounds like your time was amazing and fun!!! Hopefully you will bring the warm weather back with you!