Friday, October 31, 2008

Preschool Halloween Fun

Can you actually believe that he sit and listens for 3 whole hours!! Got a love that. Way to go Isaac!

Isaac has decide to be batman this year. He loves this costume even though it is about 2 sizes to small. We are pretty sure this is Isaacs favorite holiday of the year(because there is only one thing he loves more than candy and that is blankie!!!!!) So Baby K, Wade,(my nephew) all went to Isaacs preschool party today. The teacher said that Isaac was the fastest one to get undressed and get his costume on(hard to believe huh!!)

So I bought McKinzies halloween outfit when she was first born and very petite. It is a 3 month and I could barely get the hat on and felt terrible when I took it of it left marks on her head, BUT SHE LOOKED ADORABLE.



Hautt Stuff said...

Too cute!!! Baby K is getting big. It has been some time now since I have seen her. I think Isaac is the cutest little Batman and probably one of the funniest. The face in the picture is priceless!

saras said...

Love K's outfit, too cute!!! Isaac cracks me up. It was fun having him and lola over to carve pumpkins.