Thursday, May 13, 2010

4 really is a good number

So I have had quit a few run ins lately with people that just cannot believe the amount of children that we have. First was when I took all four kid to subway for lunch, this man literally starred at us for 15 minutes then finally came over and asked if these were all my children!!! REALLY Then the other time was when Greg and I were on a weekend away. This lady asked how many children when we told her she said, oh you brought two to the marriage and he brought two to the marriage!!! REALLY The other bad run in was at walmart. Some sweet old lady thought I was not watching my children appropriately(pretty sure this lady never had kids or been around them), because my kids were actually being angels in the store this day. She was backing her car out and thought she got a little to close to them, I just let her know otherwise!@!!! REALLY. Well Hudson is now 6 months and I really feel like I have the hang of it, not to mention Greg who takes them all to the ball games, grocery shopping, chairs, whatever he needs to do while I am working. I honestly didn't think 4 was a lot, now the duggars that is a lot. I actually think it is easier to manage when all the kids are here rather than just 2. I love love my kids to death and can't imagine life any other way!!!