Friday, March 27, 2009

4 year old+4 shots+baby+2 shots=lots of tears

So yesterday I took baby K and Isaac to the doctor. It was Isaacs 4 year check up, which involves a finger poke to drawl blood, lots of questions, and then 4 shots!!!! So they did the finger poke first and took his stats(which I cannot believe he is in the 80% for his weight and 75% for his height), we just grow them big at the lybeck house I guess. Then when the nurses were leaving they asked him to get down to just his underwear. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, that would be a problem for us b/c he doesnt wear underwear. There were lots of weird stares and I am sure we were the topic of lunch discussion. Nothing new to Isaac. Anyways when the doc came in she check him all over then told him she was going to check his privates, pulls down his pants and asked if maybe she missed his underwear or did they come down when she pulled down his sweatpants. Yet again I am trying to explain he doesnt wear underwear, and her questions is well does he ever have problems with rashes or chaffing?? What?? Could we please just get over it and realize this kid just doesnt like them, okay? You would think we were done, but no then they come back for his shots and have to pull his pants down!!! Again opps did I pull his undewear down with his pants, umm no he just doesnt wear any. So then I lay on top of my poor boy(who doesnt wear any underwear)and watch him cry out in pain. I absolutely hate this age at the doctor and you would think he would be used to the doctor by know(or maybe he was confused b/c we were not at the er). So then I have to sit him in the chair, still screaming crying and get baby k shots. She is such a champ(thank goodness). I walk out of the office with two crying children:) I think he is definetly not a typical middle child. He will always stick out with that great personality. Oh the good days. Note to self: remember underwear for Isaac at the doctor, not just for sunday school.


saras said...

Okay sitting here dying laughing!!!!!! Tell the doc he has no underwear, he gave them all to Conley. I know they are clean, cuz Isaac never wore them, haha. I'm sure he would have felt more comfortable at the ER, haha!

Andrea G. said...

He is so handsome! You have me in fits of laughter! Did he get that habit from his mother?

Jen said...

LOL...I can just see you there trying to explain this. Just laugh about it. What a great story for when he is older!