Monday, July 28, 2008

camping 101

So this is how you are suppose to start a fire when you go camping? I was trying to upload the video of the fire being started by roman candles and 10 gallons of gasoline, but was having troubles. Well my son of course thought it was the coolest thing and the other kids were all crying. This just shows how huge the explosion was. This was at gregs family reunion they do things big or not at all. We had a great time in our new camper and are looking forward to many more great trips(cant wait for you to join us sara ha ha). Sara is part owner of the new camper and would rather be at the holiday inn, Im with her on the lack of showers. McKinzie is an all star camper and slept great with us in the camper, she will also be 6 weeks this week and Im hoping she will drop her 4am feeding. Chloe was of course the leader of the pack and all the kids followed her every move, we love your leadership spirit chloe. The hardest part for Isaac was leaving the four wheeler and tractor behind, so Isaac kept asking if we could just get one! Well run out today and pick one up at walmart son, ha ha ha. They do have just about everything there though.

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saras said...

The Holiday Inn??? Oh no, the Hilton my friend, haha. But I love my husband and children, and will camp for the "memories". I'm sure there will be many fun times in that camper. It needs a name, don't you think?!