Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Funning sayings by Isaac

I have a feeling there will be a lot of these as I find myself either laughing a lot at Isaac or disciplining Isaac. So at our second contiuous day at the fair and our second time watching the little kids show there animals, Isaac turns and asks me while he is enjoying a bologna sandwich "momma why does the cow have 4-5 weeders?" I was first wondering how in the world they were even enjoying there lunch b/c there is this terrible warm poop smell all around us and there hands were black from petting the animals and then rolling in dirt(oh yeah sara you would have been disgusted). He could have cared less and just wanted to know why the cow had so many weeders? I love my Isaac so much and appreciate his personality which is mostly from his dad.
Chloe is an almost 6 year old getting ready to start kindergarten at Heritage Christian School. She is my mother hen and is always telling me what Isaac is doing wrong or changing diapers without telling me(oh yeah thats right I was downstairs and she said baby K was fussy so she changed her diaper for me) you rock chloe!!
There isnt much to say about little baby K yet except that we know she will be able to hold her own when she is well and ready. She is a great laid back baby and has been sleeping awesome for the past 2 weeks(9-4), I am not complaining at all. If anyone is debating a third go for it god is good and will only give you what you can handle.


saras said...

We visited the fair tonight and you would be shocked to know that I didn't wash his hands before we ate out there. I did however, direct him away from every mud puddle (there were many). I love hearing Isaac stories! We need some pics of that cute fam!!!

Andrea G. said...

welcome to the blogging world! I love your comment that you are a wife first and foremost! I have to admit I struggle with that one most days with little ones! Thanks for the great reminder!