Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Anyone in need of a GPS..

So my dad very generously took isaac from preschool to a friends house to play. Now my dad had never been there before and was suppose to call me once he got Isaac so I could give him directions. At about 12:30 I decided to call my dad as I was getting a little worried and his response was"Oh was I suppose to pick up Isaac"? Very funny anyways he said that Isaac told him how to get there. A little bit in shock, but I also think that kids pay attention a lot more than we think. I can remember many of times with chloe were she would look up and tell me where we were or where we were going. On another note has anyone every tried using the infant asperators(the little blue sucky thing that gets bugers out)on there almost 4 year old. Oh no wait that is what Isaac has been doing instead of blowing his nose. At least he is getting the boogers out.


Carrie said...

I will take one of those GPS's. How much to do they cost, ha!

Be grateful he uses the booger-getter-outer as opposed to his sleeve (or just sucking it back up yo-yo style like some I know, names to left unmentioned).

saras said...

Seriously, if I need a good laugh I just click on your blog. Your fam cracks me up! That booger thing totally scares me. I have NEVER used it on either child or myself! Nate would probably like it, must be a guy thing!

I love the story of him helping Tom to Mia's house. He is soooo funny. The comedian thing may be in his future!