Monday, December 15, 2008

Say CHAPSTCK!!!!!!!

So all I can think about when I look at this picture is CHAPSTICK. Poor girl, winter is hard on the sking, but it is all worth it for the sledding and snowmobiling.
So at supper tonight we were talking about christmas presents. I told chloe that with her gift certificate she won(thats right she won second place at selling the most butterbraids for a school fundraiser, you go girl)we could go get some more fish for the tank. She thought a cute little dog would be better, and greg quickly replied well we can get another dog as soon as Abby(that would be our current overweight lab)dies. So 20-30 minutes later we are reading the devo and Isaac whispers to me(b\c you are suppose to be quiet while dad is reading)"MOM I DONT WANT ABBY TO DIE!!!" Oh how I wish I knew what went on inside that little mind.


Jill Kapfer said...

The other day I was really mad at Zoe and I said: "Zoe, I'm going to kill you." A little while later, Abbie comes up to me to tell me that Zoe is going to die. I replied: "Zoe's not going to die." Her response was: "Yes she is, after you kill her she's going to die." I was amazed by the fact that she understood this concept and felt a little guilty. I too wish that I had a better understanding of what goes on in those little heads of theirs!

saras said...

It's okay Isaac, Abby is going to be the dog that lives forever!!! Seriously awesome pic of lola.