Wednesday, December 31, 2008

These are the busy times....

Well we are having some major depression around the lybecks. Why is that you ask.... well our relatives have left today that have been staying with us for a week. They are 12 13 and 15. The kids absolutely adore them and miss them much. They did learn to Ice skate while they were here and chloe is of course not to sure and Isaac skated circles around me. Today Isaac said mom did Jessie, Jo Beth, and Tommy go home. Yes son. Well thats okay b/c they will be back tommorow right? No son not till this summer. He did not like that answer, to say the least.

So we are trying to get back into some type of normal routine again and went to the rec center in hopes of some walking. I decided not to take the stroller b/c I thought both chloe and Isaac needed to get some exercise. Well boy was I right(baby k was strapped on me, helps me burn more calories too!!!!) Isaac was basically lapping chloe and I. When he finally caught up to us he said mom I am really fast. That lady told me I was and I said I KNOW!!!

Happy new year all

Monday, December 15, 2008

Say CHAPSTCK!!!!!!!

So all I can think about when I look at this picture is CHAPSTICK. Poor girl, winter is hard on the sking, but it is all worth it for the sledding and snowmobiling.
So at supper tonight we were talking about christmas presents. I told chloe that with her gift certificate she won(thats right she won second place at selling the most butterbraids for a school fundraiser, you go girl)we could go get some more fish for the tank. She thought a cute little dog would be better, and greg quickly replied well we can get another dog as soon as Abby(that would be our current overweight lab)dies. So 20-30 minutes later we are reading the devo and Isaac whispers to me(b\c you are suppose to be quiet while dad is reading)"MOM I DONT WANT ABBY TO DIE!!!" Oh how I wish I knew what went on inside that little mind.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh christmas tree Ohhhhh

So this is our christmas tree, we decided to get out the other night. The kids were all excited, yeah we get to decorate the tree. So greg and I have gotten really smart over the years and when we take down the decorations every year we just pick the tree up and put it in the storage room(that is right folks, lights, ornaments and all). It is so great, took about 5 minutes total. But you should have seen the look on the kids faces when we said we are all done,"where are the ornaments mom and dad", they are already there. Greg did do a little fluffing of it(which actually involved moving 2-3 branches around, but that is how we do it here(lybeck style). I will let the kids get all down and crazy with some cookie making(I dont hold those around for longer than a day)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Anyone in need of a GPS..

So my dad very generously took isaac from preschool to a friends house to play. Now my dad had never been there before and was suppose to call me once he got Isaac so I could give him directions. At about 12:30 I decided to call my dad as I was getting a little worried and his response was"Oh was I suppose to pick up Isaac"? Very funny anyways he said that Isaac told him how to get there. A little bit in shock, but I also think that kids pay attention a lot more than we think. I can remember many of times with chloe were she would look up and tell me where we were or where we were going. On another note has anyone every tried using the infant asperators(the little blue sucky thing that gets bugers out)on there almost 4 year old. Oh no wait that is what Isaac has been doing instead of blowing his nose. At least he is getting the boogers out.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I think he should be a comedian..........

I was asking Isaac what he wanted to be when he grew up tonight and his first answer was BATMAN(nice one son). I said that would be great son, but what are you going to do to make money, "Oh I will be a singer and started singing something that sounded more like moaning. Hope fully he either gets better or chooses another career path. After putting the kids to bed tonight, I was getting ready to go downstairs and Isaac yells hey mom, so I go into his room and he says"Hey mom I just threw up a little, but it is okay I didnt get any on my bed it just stayed in my mouth. OH MY WORD!!!!!!