Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coming soon

Well we have less than a month now till this baby arrives. My best friend lora just had her baby which sent me into "make sure you have everything mode". You would think with this being the fourth child and the last one the closest I would have tons of stuff, but I really like to clean out. I actually got ride of all my maternity clothes days after each child was born, have no newborn outfits of any child, and thought we were done after mckinzie. Of course my mom is prepared and has a tub of clothes for each gender and I know a great place to get lots of great STUFF!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been down and out this last week with fevers. Starting with Isaac on Monday and kinner on wed. The girls all stayed home to mend while the boys were in a family wedding this weekend in Illinois. It is so nice having them home, I really dont do well when my husband is gone. I rely on him for lots of help:) I have had the pleasure to go on a field trip with each child in the last two weeks. Last friday I went with Chloes class to the Solon nursing home to make crafts (elderly people are my love-but crafts not so much:). Then this friday I went with Isaacs class to the Apple Orchard-this is my absolute favorite fall activity just couldn't pass it up. Chloe is also in dance and they were in the homecoming parade last friday. She was just to cute and loved every minute of it. Chloe and Isaac are really excited for the arrival of the new baby and I am so glad the will have thanksgiving break and some other days of so I will have there help. They are both so helpful with kinner-I really love the days Isaac is home to play with her and she does to. Chloe acts so older beyond her age and is truly such a big help around the house-love that.

I of course was the only mom without my camera on both field trips and there was no family around so no new pics to post, sorry. I will for sure have pics of the new baby though-b/c I know we wont be able to keep family away from that:)

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Andrea G. said...

You give me hope when I debate about 3 :) You handle it all with such grace and joy!! I too got rid of everything, but figured if we ever change our mind about two, we know were to get great Stuff! :) Having the oldest as a boy I don't get quite the same help, not that David isn't willing... it just isn't always help! But maybe if we wait awhile Elizabeth will be ready to be the big helper!

I hope all goes well soon!

You are too funny about pics!! Do you own a camera? :)