Thursday, October 22, 2009

New baby and sick children

So Chloe has been out of school all week with a fever and cough. I thought she was okay to go today, but thought we should double check her temp before we sent her and she had a temp. Needless to say she started to cry and was very upset. She asked for her homework yesterday so my friend picked it up for us and she had it done in a half hour. I hope this attitude will continue on throughout her school years, because it is not that easy to get Isaac to do homework:(
On tues I had my doc apt and was brought into the reality of all this flu stuff. My doc wrote me out a prescription for tamaflu as a precaution and I am suppose to call with any flu like symtoms. I guess I am measuring small so I went to have an ultrasound after that to make sure everything is all good. Baby looks great(you can tell it is a lybeck), weighing almost 7lbs and we still have 2-3 weeks left. I am 2cm dialated and the baby is head down ready to go. Not quite ready to be done yet, but I guess God will decide when the time is right. Never got to have an ultrasound this late in the game and it was very cool. Sort of hard to get any good 4ds because everything is so big, but great to know everything is okay.

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The Isbells said...

Can't wait to meet the latest addition!!