Sunday, February 14, 2010

I got my man back

That is right folks I have got my man back!! As I sit here right now he is cleaning up the kitchen:) Greg had back surgery on Thursday and is doing great!!! He has pain from the incision but no more pinch nerve pain. We are so glad to have him back and so glad that he is feeling better. My dad and hud hung out at the hospital all day with me and we had a great time. The day was so quiet and exhausting, just sitting around all day.
Baby hud was a perfect angel all day, and my wonderful mother in law took the other kids for two over nights and all there running around. My mom brought us dinner and was there for whatever we needed. We really could not make it with out the help of them. Hudson is out of medicine and does not seem to be any different. Right now we are really working with him to get the most milk in him we can all day. With all he has going on he is actually doing great. He has such a good temperament and is always happy, smiling, laughing, or sleeping.
Chloe had a dance performance at the half time of the west high basketball game. She was so excited and nervous, but did an excellent job. She had really been testing us lately with her attitude. One day it was so bad that when I dropped her of at school I had to kick her out of the car and throw her bag and stuff out after her. Needless to say she has done a 180 and is back to her normal helpful self. They had a snow day on Tuesday and she told me she wanted to be the mom for the day, she was exhausted after breakfast< oh my!!!!!!
Isaac and kinzie just keep us laughing. They both have a great sense of humor and really go with the flow. Isaac made a friend at the basketball game and we over heard him saying"see my sister, she is the one with the hangy down hair". So cute to see him proud of his sister!! He also asked me on the way home from school this week if his friend Sandy could spend the night. I tried to explain to him that he can't have girls over to spend the night, he answered very confused, but mom shes my best friend(at this age everyone is your best friend).
Of course I have no pictures, sorry hopefully I can get some family members to take some soon!!!


Jill Kapfer said...

Oh...Chloe and Abbie sound so similar. Where do they get these attitudes? One moment she's an angel and super helpful, the next, well, you know! :)

jamie said...

great! was wondering about how he was doing!

Shadley said...

glad to hear both greg and hudson were doing well!

saras said...

We need a little update on the Lybeck fam!