Monday, March 29, 2010

Vacation to Florida-survived our flight home!!!!

Well we made it back and the airplane rides home were much easier than on the way down there. We finally got a good system down(greg would man the bags-I would man the children and then we would get situated once we got to our seats). Al tough when we finally did get to our seats on the first airplane, the lady next to me started to hyperventilate and take her jacket off, saying she could not sit next to kids again. Needless to say we all switched seats and it worked out. The kids did great, when we finally walked in our door we sat down and were so overwhelmed we didn't even know where to start. 2 CUPS OF COFFEE later we were cooking and getting some work done. Luckily they lost one of our bags and it didn't arrive till two days later, which made less work for me!!! We had the most relaxing vacation, which was much to our surprise. With four kids there just isn't a whole lot of relaxation-which is fine!! My parents were awesome to us and we so appreciate all they did for us. The kids spent most of their time in the pool-kinzie did a great job setting of the alarm!! She could not stay away from the pool-loved it and LOVED THE ALARM she wore all the time to let us know when she fell in. We also rode our bikes almost everyday at least six miles a day. Chloe is a fantastic bike rider and we were really impressed by how far she can ride. Isaac learned to ride a two wheel bike down there and has since taken off here. Which helps me out a ton b/c now greg can take hud in the pull behind and I only have to take kinzie in the bike seat!! My dad gave me tons more pics- so I will post more later when I get the chance!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Our adventure to Florida

So we made it to Florida. We pulled the kids out of there beds at 3am for the hour long ride to the moline airport, everyone fell back asleep EXCEPT for miss kinzie!! We go through security and greg is doing pretty good putting our million things up on the conveyor belt to go through UNTIL they tell us to take out our sleeping child to put the carseat through. Oh and they also confiscated our 3 brand new chocolate milks, greg thinks they thought they just wanted them to go with there morning donut. We then board the airplane along with our million things, I am in charge of the animal(aka kinner) and greg lucks out with hudson. After changing two poopie diapers in a closet and spilling the generous beverage we got, we gladly got of the plane and did some stretching out. We they unload our million things and run down to board the next plane. While standing in line to board greg realizes that we are missing on of our suitcases!! Oh my word, I can't believe he left it while he was trying to coral all the million things again. We find the suitcase, quickly get on the plane and then sit on the it for 2 hours before we can take off!! Kinzie has still not fallen back asleep and every time I try and lay her back she screams, to which the guy behind us asks if we have a plug for that child. Greg almost loses it on him, but stays strong and bit his tongue. They start in the back of the plane passing out drinks and then the pilot tells them to stop b/c we are going to run into some bad turbulence ahead. Great, we don't need a drink to spill anyways. The pilot then says to prepare for landing and comes around to get our trash. Isaac has to go potty she says he cannot while I am throwing the trash away, so I being the mom I am stick my hand back in the trash to retrieve the empty bottle I just threw away. Isaac stands in front of me and holds it into the bottle while I hold the bottle praying he does not miss!! The lady did come back to retrieve the now full bottle, wasn't that sweet of her. Kinzie still has not fallen back asleep, so we stop for some food and she finally fell asleep on the hour drive to the house. Needless to say it has been so relaxing and fun since we got here, but we are not looking forward to flying home, maybe we will just stay forever!!!