Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another cleaning job gone bad......

I vow to never clean again. Last time I was cleaning I ended up in the er with a broken foot, and this time it was poor Isaac again. I got down and dirty with my car yesterday, lifted the seat up and everything, and I guess one of the seats did not get latch properly because when we went around the corner to a friends house Isaacs seat flew up and he hit the seat in front of him.(all for a stupid goodie bag that had nail polish and hair things in it) It was instantly gushing blood everywhere, and we just happened to be close to a mercy clinic(and was actually scared to go to the er for fear they will actually take my child away). I walked in with all three children, Isaac screaming blood everywhere and boy did they move quickly. I called my friend Lora(oh yes before my husband b/c he doesnt handle this stuff well we all know from previous experiences)she rushed over with blankie and took the girls for me. You rock lora!!! They decided for the least traumatic experience to go with the glue and strips and hope for the best. All in all Isaac does need a punch pass to the docs and I think we would save a ton of money. I am on my way to get my camera and will try and post some pics later. the cleaning lady is checking out

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