Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The battle wound

So I forgot to mention earlier that Isaac is also in a wedding this weekend. That is right folks a ringbearer with a story. He always seems to have some kind of lovely wound for momentous pictures. Should be fun!!!


saras said...

I told Conley about Isaac's "owie", and he wants to "kiss it better"! He may take it back after seeing the pic, haha! Glad to see he's smilin'

Jen said...

Yeah! You got pics up. Sorry Isaac...war wounds of life. It always happens when there is something coming up.

Carrie said...

Hey Mindy, just found you and so glad I did. I never get to see you so at least I can keep up with what is going on, or should I say, when your last er trip was! Holy cow girl, I think you may even be getting up there to compete with the Sterner 5!

You need to find a bubble for that boy!