Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Girls having fun

I just love this pic of my girls!!!

The battle wound

So I forgot to mention earlier that Isaac is also in a wedding this weekend. That is right folks a ringbearer with a story. He always seems to have some kind of lovely wound for momentous pictures. Should be fun!!!

Another cleaning job gone bad......

I vow to never clean again. Last time I was cleaning I ended up in the er with a broken foot, and this time it was poor Isaac again. I got down and dirty with my car yesterday, lifted the seat up and everything, and I guess one of the seats did not get latch properly because when we went around the corner to a friends house Isaacs seat flew up and he hit the seat in front of him.(all for a stupid goodie bag that had nail polish and hair things in it) It was instantly gushing blood everywhere, and we just happened to be close to a mercy clinic(and was actually scared to go to the er for fear they will actually take my child away). I walked in with all three children, Isaac screaming blood everywhere and boy did they move quickly. I called my friend Lora(oh yes before my husband b/c he doesnt handle this stuff well we all know from previous experiences)she rushed over with blankie and took the girls for me. You rock lora!!! They decided for the least traumatic experience to go with the glue and strips and hope for the best. All in all Isaac does need a punch pass to the docs and I think we would save a ton of money. I am on my way to get my camera and will try and post some pics later. the cleaning lady is checking out

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lola is going to be six

So I can't believe it but six years ago and only being married one year greg and I welcomed chloe beth lybeck into the world. I can remember getting no sleep and wondering what in the world are we doing, but am oh so thankful for those times that have brought us to were we are today. Man it sure does just get easier with each child. I called up to the nursery 8 times the first night I was home with chloe and never again with any of my other children(they finally told me I needed to figure it out lady!!!). I did not believe the lady when she said I wouldnt sleep all night(and was probably wishing she was wrong:) Chloe was of the charts height and weight wise when she was born and still is pushing them(we are still wondering when she is going to even off, no one ever believes me when I tell them how old she is, but we love every once of her. Chloe is going to be six on thursday, and I knew I would not have time to write since we make an annual trip to chucky cheese( greg and I love ski ball) on thursday. Chloe is such a joy in so many ways, she is always willing to help me around the house, funny, has a wonderful memory(which has gotten greg and I in trouble when we told her we were going to start a diet and never did), loves to shop with the girls, caring, sweet, strong willed( which can be a good thing if we channel it the right direction), loving to her brother and sister, loves loves her nephew and niece, sassy, and all around just like me ( i hear all the time you were just like that when you were little), and very catchious (which is probably why she still has to be pushed into things to figure out that she actually does like it). I forgot to mention her love for food which she of course got from her mother. She always has to know when the next meal is and what it is going to be. My mom took chloe shopping sat morning and the first thing she said was Nana I didnt have breakfast. When does the farmers market open(we love to go there on saturday mornings for eggrolls and cragmeat rangoons). Chloes favorite meal is chinese which we are taking to have lunch with her at school on thursday. Anyways we love you so much chloe and could not ever imagine what our lives would be like without you. We love you beanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McKinzie Grace

So I just had to brag on my baby. So after two days of letting her cry it out(which was only 15 min which actually felt like forever)greg was able to put her down fully awake and I just went to check on her b/c it was way to quiet and she was sleeping. Not even a little cry just drifted of to sleep. Now that rocks, lets hope for the same thing tommorow. Because two little girls were not so peaceful at this time on monday night. I praise the lord for every extra moment of sleep.

Were has the time gone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Okay so I am having some serious blogging issues. My camera wont download and I just spent way to long trying to get a new background and I should be sleeping. ANYONE WHO CAN HELP WITH MY STUPID BACKGROUND!!! A quick update.......you will never believe this but after 2 days of Isaac going to preschool the teacher had an opening for 3 days a week instead of 2 days and out of 16 kids in the class Isaac was the only one she thought could handle it. So we of course did it and he is loving it. Should I say that I am loving it even more(I actually sort of miss him he brings so much laughter and fun to the house) but baby k and I are having a great time running and sometimes cleaning. It is so easy having one child, and one that cant talk back. All she does is eat sleep and coo, you gotta love that. Chloe is loving school and got totally spoiled on a girls weekend to chicago last weekend. We went to the american girl doll place for lunch WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. I think I had as much fun as she did. Well all is well at the lybecks and hopefully we will be able to post some pics soon.