Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School

So it is official Chloe has started kindergarten. No tears were had just some very excited people. She was very quick to tell us the rules and that they go to recess three times a day. She also informed us that she will be packing her lunch everyday(very suprised by this she loved school lunch last year, but she is a woman and I'm sure she will change her mind.

I would like to report that Isaac has stepped up to the plate as you can see and he even cleaned her off. he said that she told him she wanted to go to the movie theater again. Isaac it a huge fan of the movie theater and baby k has actually attended 4 movies already. Keep up the good work son!!


Andrea G. said...

I can't believe Issac is helping so much! WOW! I have wondered about taking Elizabeth to the movies... we want to take David to WallE. He has never been and we thought it would be a good first movie! Does she just sleep through it? Is it too loud at all?

Jen said...

I found you through a friend of a friend! Check mine out too:
God luck with school! It still is hard for me to believe how old Chloe is. It really does go too fast. You were pregnant just yesterday- now I know you actually were- but I mean with Chloe.