Thursday, August 28, 2008

He is an official preschooler

I can hardly believe it, Isaac has just finished his first week of preschool. He absolutley loves it and cant wait to go back. So far so good with the new punishment. He has got his blankie back and is so in love all over. Baby K is doing great and is starting to have a great routine, now if we could just stay home long enough to let her have a nap....................I dont think so you are just going to have to roll with it. I have some awesome new pics but will have to wait again as I am still having problems, going to best buy to fix it tomm. Chloe has trimmed herself back from the desserts and am actually trying to get her to eat more. Ever since she has started school has really curved the appetite. My newest problem with chloe is wanting to have friends over EVERYDAY. Now I know she gets this from me and my need to be with friends on a daily basis, but I am getting tired of her asking everyday. I think we will get the hang of kindergarten soon.......................... I hope. I just cant believe how much life is changing with chloe being gone all day, and isaac and I can go whenever we wont no more naps. I guess that is how it goes, you just get one way figured out and then everything changes.

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