Saturday, January 10, 2009

Isaacs preschool program

So this is a little late, but so hillarious. This was at Isaacs preschool program and his facial expressions say it all. He hated standing in front of everyone and preforming. Then this is typical Isaac after the preformance COMPLETELY FINE!!! When asked why he did sing afterwards "he didnt want to sing" plain and simple. He is not going to be our preformer, but he sure has the cutest smile, and we love you anyway bomb.


saras said...

Seriously laughing at the new side pics, well not the first two. Isaac's pic is so him!!! Too cute. I got to see Lola in that outfit in the flesh, lucky me, haha. I love her girlyness. I'm sad we missed the program for Isaac.

Thanks for a fun time tonight, I love how awesome Conley and Isaac play together.

The Isbells said...

Dude - K is so big - I haven't seen her in forever!! Can't wait for our get together. Isaac looks like a stud in that pic. :)