Monday, January 19, 2009

They say it's your birthday!!!!

So I can't hardly believe it my one and only son(smashed in between two girls) turned 4 today. This child brings so much joy and laughter to this home and we love him so much for it. That doesnt go to say that he has also brought me much worry. Let me just name a few of those times 1. When I get out of the shower and can find my son nowhere, where is he but running down dubuque street to return some shorts to my friend 2. One of the 4 times we have been to the emergency room 3. Have to have plastic surgery(the only one in the family) 4. Did I mention that one of those times in the er DHS came to question me(like I wasnt doing my job to protect him- i would like to see you try lady)

Okay that is enough bad it makes me nervous to think we have stayed out of the er so long, like our time is coming again. Now some of the ways he brings such joy 1. Look at that face-does he not have just the cutest smile 2. His caring heart 3. The way he cares for his sisters so much 4. How he so badly wants chloe to sleep in his room every night 5. How he loves to snuggle and be held 6. The way he talks all deep and gruff like 7. His love for adventure 8. His love for trying new thing- well maybe he is pushed a little but ends up liking it in the end 9. His love for swimtrunks(did I mention his love for dressing himself and ohh is it a scary sight somedays) 10. Look at the smile- it is so infectious!! We love you Isaac and keep on being sweet and making people laugh!!


The Isbells said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!!

I do love that voice - I know no other four-year-old boy with such a manly voice! :)

Love ya bud,
Your Neighbors

saras said...

I have to also agree with the voice, I love it!!! Thanks for being a great cousin to Conley, you rock buddy!!!