Friday, January 16, 2009

What can make your kids wake up in 1sec @1am.......

Well the power going out and the fans shutting off. Our house sounds like a airplane engine is running during the middle of the night, because everyone has one running in there rooms(this makes for an extra great night sleep). So the power shuts off and literally one second later you can hear Isaac running into our bedroom. "Mom my light shut off and there is monsters in my room!! and this is what he tells us while laying in chloes room with a candle waiting for the power to come on, Sis the power probably wont turn on until morning." Thank you Lord it turned on just a few minutes later and we were all lulled back to sleep my the jet plane engine hummmmmmmmmm. Suprisingly Chloe didnt wake till a few minutes later and ms.kinze was laying is her bed eyes wide, but not making a peep. So thankful for power!!!!!!!

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