Tuesday, January 6, 2009

True Kindness

So everyone always thinks that Isaac is a handful and that he keeps me so busy. Well he does keep me on my toes and constantly laughing, but I to my suprise he is a huge help with Mc Kinzie. Her face just lights up when she sees him and he cant get enough of her. This is of course not all the time, when greg was watching them on saturday he said he found Isaac putting a q-tip up her nose. When asked what he was doing"im cleaning it out" of course that is a great idea!!!! Chloe is just a natural mother and has been doing this since the day baby K was born. She gets up with baby k everyday puts her in her bed and reads to her. She also changes diapers as long as the are only pee diapers. So this is how I found my children this morning. I think we may have some babysitters in the making. McKinzies face says it all in this picture. You would think she wants to be rescued from all of this, but she never cries out for it. She started to fuss a little this morning and Isaac came running saying"just a minute kinzer I have to go to the bathroom." Brother Sisterly love, it is a beautiful thing.


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Let me know when those babysitters are ready for some hiring!!! I love the pic!!!!! At least Isaac wasn't picking her nose with his own finger, haha.