Thursday, January 22, 2009

He said what??/?

So Isaac and I were watching the Inaguration?? on tuesday. Isaac was playing legos(not really paying attention)and I was folding laundry(I know it doesnt happen to often). Anyways Isaac started to laugh and said "Mom did you hear what that guy just said Weeters-he actually said Leaders, but easily misunderstood!!!

A sledding/snowmobling party

We had such a great time this weekend sledding for isaacs birthday. We were going to go to one of those indoor playlands for his birthday but then scrapped that idea and went for a sledding party. What a perfect day it was. Lots of friends and kids came. My brother, Luke, and greg all helped in bringing kids up the hill with the snowmobiles so no one had to walk. My dad was the photographer(thanks dad), and the weather could not have been more perfect. I was actually sweating!! Gotta love these Iowa winters. We have now decided since we had so much fun that this will be a yearly tradition for Isaacs party.

Monday, January 19, 2009

They say it's your birthday!!!!

So I can't hardly believe it my one and only son(smashed in between two girls) turned 4 today. This child brings so much joy and laughter to this home and we love him so much for it. That doesnt go to say that he has also brought me much worry. Let me just name a few of those times 1. When I get out of the shower and can find my son nowhere, where is he but running down dubuque street to return some shorts to my friend 2. One of the 4 times we have been to the emergency room 3. Have to have plastic surgery(the only one in the family) 4. Did I mention that one of those times in the er DHS came to question me(like I wasnt doing my job to protect him- i would like to see you try lady)

Okay that is enough bad it makes me nervous to think we have stayed out of the er so long, like our time is coming again. Now some of the ways he brings such joy 1. Look at that face-does he not have just the cutest smile 2. His caring heart 3. The way he cares for his sisters so much 4. How he so badly wants chloe to sleep in his room every night 5. How he loves to snuggle and be held 6. The way he talks all deep and gruff like 7. His love for adventure 8. His love for trying new thing- well maybe he is pushed a little but ends up liking it in the end 9. His love for swimtrunks(did I mention his love for dressing himself and ohh is it a scary sight somedays) 10. Look at the smile- it is so infectious!! We love you Isaac and keep on being sweet and making people laugh!!

Happy Birthday my son

Friday, January 16, 2009

What can make your kids wake up in 1sec @1am.......

Well the power going out and the fans shutting off. Our house sounds like a airplane engine is running during the middle of the night, because everyone has one running in there rooms(this makes for an extra great night sleep). So the power shuts off and literally one second later you can hear Isaac running into our bedroom. "Mom my light shut off and there is monsters in my room!! and this is what he tells us while laying in chloes room with a candle waiting for the power to come on, Sis the power probably wont turn on until morning." Thank you Lord it turned on just a few minutes later and we were all lulled back to sleep my the jet plane engine hummmmmmmmmm. Suprisingly Chloe didnt wake till a few minutes later and ms.kinze was laying is her bed eyes wide, but not making a peep. So thankful for power!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Let the parties begin.....

Well, we never buy our kids gifts for their birthdays or christmas(don't think we are terrible parents, they get more than enough gifts from our family. Oh and we also clothes and feed them all year(well isaac wears clothes most of the time!!!!!) so we sort of go all out for birthdays and let them go on FOREVER. Isaacs birthday isnt until JANUARY 19!!!!!(SOMEBODY HELP ME) Isaac had his first party this weekend with all the family. We had such a great time and it was so nice to have all the fam over. Barb bought Isaac a transformer cake and his expression was"This cake is totally awesome". Needless to say he was so excited. So this saturday we are going to attempt his first ever friends party. We are going sledding and have cake. Does sound to hard right. I will let you all know. We usually take the kids to chucky cheese on their actual birthday, but I'm hoping Isaac will maybe forget by all the festivities planned on his birthday.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Isaacs preschool program

So this is a little late, but so hillarious. This was at Isaacs preschool program and his facial expressions say it all. He hated standing in front of everyone and preforming. Then this is typical Isaac after the preformance COMPLETELY FINE!!! When asked why he did sing afterwards "he didnt want to sing" plain and simple. He is not going to be our preformer, but he sure has the cutest smile, and we love you anyway bomb.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

True Kindness

So everyone always thinks that Isaac is a handful and that he keeps me so busy. Well he does keep me on my toes and constantly laughing, but I to my suprise he is a huge help with Mc Kinzie. Her face just lights up when she sees him and he cant get enough of her. This is of course not all the time, when greg was watching them on saturday he said he found Isaac putting a q-tip up her nose. When asked what he was doing"im cleaning it out" of course that is a great idea!!!! Chloe is just a natural mother and has been doing this since the day baby K was born. She gets up with baby k everyday puts her in her bed and reads to her. She also changes diapers as long as the are only pee diapers. So this is how I found my children this morning. I think we may have some babysitters in the making. McKinzies face says it all in this picture. You would think she wants to be rescued from all of this, but she never cries out for it. She started to fuss a little this morning and Isaac came running saying"just a minute kinzer I have to go to the bathroom." Brother Sisterly love, it is a beautiful thing.