Friday, August 7, 2009

All about Kinner

So we just can't even imagine our lives without her. She is such a joy and blessing. I dont know what greg and I were ever thinking just having two kids we love having kids around:) So this is just a little of what little miss kinner has been up to lately. As you can see she is our most brave child and will climb and try anything. She has such a care free spirit and she is a go with the flow kids of girl. Its almost official she is WALKING. She will walk all the way across the room and come when called(almost sounds like i am talking about a dog GOOD KINNER). Anyways I need the girl to be walking well since I will have another one I will need to be caring soon. God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hautt Stuff said...

What a little fart! She is so dang cute! If #4 is a girl, I am going to swipe Kinner. She would fit right in at our house. I love the pic of her on the gocart!

saras said...

I still can't believe she went tubing, that was awesome!!! She is the cutest thing ever!