Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A few pics of the new house

So, last night our next door neighbor came over with a house warming gift. It was a cd of our house in progress from the ground up. We thought this was way awesome since we didnt make an offer on the house till May and it was started in Feb. This has got to be one of the best things about the neighborhood. The people are so friendly, nice and have tons of kids. We live on the end of a culdesac and every night there is about twenty kids down there playing. Our house buts up to a corn field right now, but it is suppose to be developed in about 5 years. We just heard news that there may be a green space right behind us. We are suprised by how peaceful it is around here. We can sit out on our screened in porch at night and her the birds. I have yet to take any pics of the inside(big suprise as I cant even get pics taken of my kids:) Hopefully I can get my dad over here and take some pics and then I will try and get them up.


Jen Essington said...

Hi Mindy! So where are you guys living at now? If you don't want to post it here feel free to email me essingtonjen@mchsi.com

We may be looking to move in the next few years and always like to hear other people's experiences with their current neighborhoods :)


Jill Kapfer said...

Sounds like a great neighborhood. Can't wait to see the new pictures!