Thursday, August 27, 2009

How Isaac is doing in school.............

So after the first day of school Isaac's response about it was"he didn't get to have a snack and there was no recess". They were only there 3 hours, so I thought this was possible. WRONG- When Greg dropped Isaac off at school on Wednesday he thought he should tell her that I Isaac likes to be facetious. She already learned this as she caught Isaac sneaking his snack out of his desk. So she told him to throw it away and he would not get snack that day. So his response to how school was on Wednesday was that he loved it and that he likes playing with his friends. I think this kid my give us a run for my money. I should have know that Chloe was just to easy considering she loves doing her homework and actually goes above and beyond. Always asking to read and she even melted my heart when she told me that she went and played with the new girl yesterday b/c she didn t have anyone to play with.

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